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It's getting closer!!!

Richard Montoya on the mix stage for Water & Power




Enrique, Richard Montoya and Emilio Rivera

at a private screening of "Water and Power" 

 15 February 2013

more info about a release date to come!!


 On the set of "The Saint"


with Sammi Hanratty and Beatrice Rosen


with Sammi Hanratty


with Beatrice Rosen


 Adam Rayner and Enrique :)


Here is a link to a site about The Saint

They have news and pictures from

the set of new pilot, as well as background

information about the original.




We are all looking forward to Enrique's project!! More details to follow as they become available!



Screen caps for the CSI

episode "Wildflowers" posted




Here is a great sneek peek at a full

sceen from tonight's episode of

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 




CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


"Wild Flowers"


Det. Moreno will be back on

17 October! Here's a sneak peek!




666 Park Avenue


A Crowd of Demons


October 28, 2013





CSI: Las Vegas

Karma to Burn




More screen caps to come!!





Here is a nice little teaser from





UDATE on Water & Power

(look at the screen on the right!)



"W&P FInal Picture Lock at YALE FILM School
across the hall from American Night rehearsals
- man, thank God I am a double leo! Mike Miller cutting ..." 
Richard Montoya via Facebook




Having a bit of fun on the set

of CSI... and here's a nice little

bit about his return on CSI Files





It looks like Enrique will be gracing

our TV screens a second time in the

coming months. TV Guide has reported

that he has signed to do a multi-story arc

on the new ABC show 666 Park Avenue



TV Guide article


The Hollywood Reporter's Preview of

666 Park Avenue



The Vanity Fair Fisker Automotive

party on Aug 11,2012



With Nadia Conners





with Orlando Bloom and Craig Stark



with Orlando Bloom, Sebastian Copeland and Craig Stark



 Happy 1st Anniversary to

22 July 2012


It's hard to believe that a full year has passed

since I launched this site.

It has been an amazing year! 


First I'd like to send out an extra special

thank you to Enrique, our reason for

coming together here.

I wish you much much joy and happiness

I'm looking forward to your next project...


I would like to take this chance to thank each

of you, our daily visitors, for your support and

encouragement and I hope you will continue

to return and enjoy the community

we are building here.


I'm looking forward to another

amazing year as your webmiss... Astrid x




!!He's Coming Back!!

 Enrique will be soon be returning

to the set of CSI Las Vegas!

I'm sure we are all looking

forward to see what he get's up to as

Det. Carlos Moreno  




Lovely to see Enrique enjoying himself!





I just love this screen cap from Risen ;)





Another "new" old picture... love this sweater!!





I've seen a few pics from this shoot,

 but not this cheeky little smile! :)





The screen caps from the CSI finale

are in the photo gallery.... Enjoy!




Here are a couple of pics of  Enrique 

out and about enjoying himself







A first look at the season finale of CSI!!!

I can't wait to see Enrique on screen again.



There is an article on the site CSIFiles.

You can find it here



I love what Elizabeth Devine,

Melissa Byer & Treena Hancock

have to say about Enrique in this article

 from CSIFiles.



It was so great to see Enrique

on Screen again!

There are 150+ screen caps

in the Photo Gallery!




CSIFiles has a first look at the episode

you can find the link to that site HERE






Enrique's first episode will air on 11 April 2012!!

It's called Altered Stakes


There are 2 mini write ups about the episode HERE

and HERE ... beware of SPOILERS!!



Here is a pic of Enrique out

enjoying a hike with friends



there are more pics in the Candids Album

of the photogallery click here for a quick link

to the pics :)


These came from two seperate articles

in theMirror and



Elisabeth Shue has been saying some nice

 things about Enrique's return to CSI

in an interview she did with CSI Files...

you can find it here



This is a lovely little interview with Enrique's two

beautiful sisters shown on the "Celebrity Siblings"

segment of Miami CBS4 News




Here is a sweet photo taken on the set

of Without A Trace





For those of you who can speak Spanish,

here is a lovely little interview.

It's a few years old but still great to see!

For those of you who don't speak Spanish

here is a transcript   


And a HUGE thanks to Lorcris for the translation :)






Enrique will be returning to CSI to reprise his role as

Det. Carlos Moreno in a multi-story arc...

read the first article about it here


Here's another article about Enrique's return to CSI



keep coming back for more info

as we get it :)





In the make-up chair getting ready to filmThe Lost City




Enrique's New Project

"Water & Power"
Twin brothers nicknamed "Water" and "Power"
from the hard scrabble Eastside streets of Los Angeles,
rise like princes through the city's political and police
ranks to become players in a complex and dangerous
web of the powerful and corrupt of Los Angeles.
One a decorated cop - the other a senator, find themselves
in a seedy motel room on the eastern edge of Sunset
Boulevard on a dark and rainy night. Something has
gone very wrong. Can Water exist without Power?
The Fixers and Powers of the city need answers.
Everybody is looking for the twins -from IMDbPro
Good things come to those who wait...
a quote from Mr. Montoya himself regarding the
release of Water & Power...

"Don't look for us on any Sundance Fest Lists folks we're

cutting for 2013 with cutter Jeffery Werner (The Kids are Alright)

who Sundance Institute brought to us thankfully cannot rush

Water & Power - I have waited 7 years to tell this story and it

needs to be done proper. PAZ!"

Richard Montoya via Facebook



We all enjoyed Enrique's performance as CI-Ray...

check out the new page dedicated to all things CI-Ray!

Clips, pics and loads more goodies to come!


And never fear Enrique's other and probably most

beloved character Danny Taylor will be getting his

own special place of honor here very soon!







Have you ordered your copy of

The Beauty Book for Brain Cancer

by Darren Tieste yet?

Check it out HERE




While we are all waiting to see Enrique in a new project
here's a little pic of him and Richard Montoya hard at work.